Swart Health and Safety Parctitioners Health and safety Training on the construction Site 


First Aid Level 1 (level 2 and 3 on request) This course is for persons required to assess the emergency situation and providing Basic Life Support and Basic First Aid in order to stabilize patients prior to transfer to the emergency services 2 R960.00
Basic Fire Fighting Theoretical and practical training on the use of the fire extinguishers and hose reels as well as the ABC’s of fire extinguishers 1 R605.00
SHE Rep The purpose of this training Course is to enable learners to perform safety, health and environmental representation activities and to know health and safety legislation according to the OHS Act. Basic risk assessments and incident investigations are included. 2 R960.00
Incident Investigation The purpose of this Course is to conduct an investigation into workplace Safety, Health and Environmental Incidents. This course enables the learner to effectively investigate incidents. Using the RCAT techniques.  2 R1120.00
Risk Assessment (HIRAC) This course will enable learners to explain the legal and specified requirements for conducting a continuous Risk Assessment. Learners will be able to prepare, conduct, initiate remedial and follow up on continuous Risk Assessment  2 R1120.00
Scaffolding Erector: This course is theoretical and practical training to enable the learner to erect, use and dismantle access equipment for construction work. 2 R1400.00
Scaffolding Inspector The purpose of this course is to enable the learner to have the knowledge to conduct inspections on access equipment to the standard required by Department of Labour and according to SANS 10085 Regulations. * Learners must be certified erectors before entering for inspector 1 R1300.00
Flagman Ensure the correct flag signalling at road works in all areas. 1/2 R350
Safety Package First Aid Level 1 + Basic Firefighting + SHE Rep 5 R2250.00
Scaffolding Package Scaffolding Erector and Inspector 2 R2400.00